Refresh Button

The days may be longer, the birds may be singing and I finally may see the post-snowmelt grass on the front lawn. But what really excites me these days is the prospect of spring cleaning.  I know–you can think of several other activities that get you hot and bothered.  So can I, but stay with me here.

I hate clutter. Despise disorganization. I am a ruthless purger of junk and items long-forgotten since the second Bush’s first presidential administration. I get my thrills winnowing closets, hauling out garbage bags filled with unworn clothing and throwing out collections of broken appliances idly amassed in the garage. Prepping for the upcoming Passover holiday where many people engage in radical cleaning spurs me on. Knowing that everything has its place helps organize my thoughts. It creates space not only in my house but also in my head.

I’ll admit to you, these days there’s not too much left for me to oust. My junk-purging is a regular part of my routine. Now it’s just maintenance. And, yes, it’s not only the concrete act of cleaning out unwanted and unneeded items. This practical act cleanses my soul as well.

Sounds corny?  For me, it works.  I believe if our minds are cluttered, there’s a good chance our lives are too.  What is most difficult is re-evaluating parts of life that are no longer working. I ask myself “cleansing” questions constantly: Am I happy in this job? Do I like spending hours with these people? Are relationships reciprocal, trusting and satisfying? Can I still enjoy myself despite negative group dynamics?  Finding the answers may not be so simple. The search may be a struggle. But I’ll work to get that clutter–that internal mess–to finally sweep itself up and make room for what matters.


One thought on “Refresh Button

  1. The clutter in our minds and our abodes, can be somewhat beneficial if it leads us to changing, or adapting to new situations. I realize now, that I wish you and i had spoken more often and shared opinions on a more regular basis. I will not look at this as a lost opportunity but will be grateful for these wonderful posts of yours.


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